Register and start earning, by simply adding the phone numbers of financially capable friends and acquaintances who are interested in purchasing real estate in the UAE to the system
Earn money in the Dubai real estate market without investments
Your tool for earning in the Dubai real estate market without any investment
Where should I start to earn in real estate?
Install The Honest App
Your tool to make profit from the thriving Dubai real estate market without investment in your phone.
Pass on the phone numbers of acquaintances
Recommend people who are interested in real estate investments.
Receive a 40% commission on all transactions
Earn a percentage of the broker's commission after the completion of each transaction.
Share the app with your friends, build your network, and earn 5% from their sales
Build your referral network: bring in clients and partners and receive a steady income.
Who is The Honest App users?
If you regularly interact with a financially capable audience (for example, you are a PR director, blogger, travel agent, designer), then you likely already have potential real estate buyers in Dubai in your contact list.
Your friends
Do you know socially active individuals? Invite them to become Partners in the app and passively earn from the potential clients they bring in.
Independent TOP-brokers of Dubai
Conduct transactions through The Honest broker license and guarantee yourself an 85% commission on your deal.
How does the referral system work, and how much can you earn?
The average property price in Dubai is 1 million AED
The company's commission from the developer - 5% (50,000 AED)
It all begins with developer commissions of up to 10% of the apartment's cost.
Add customers in a way that is convenient for you and in a profitable amount
You are handing the client over to reliable hands at The Honest
TOP-investment brokers
Excellent reputation, access to special offers from developers, and unique properties in the Dubai market.
Exclusive real estate properties of our own
Among the clients and owners of The Honest Real Estate, there are investors with a significant number of exclusive properties in top locations
Powerful educational center
We conduct regular training for in-house brokers and managers at our own educational center.
Modern IT technologies for conducting secure transactions
Our proprietary CRM system using modern encryption algorithms to protect customer information from unauthorized access.
Bring in clients and partners and receive a steady income.
Download The Honest App right now, it's free
Frequently Asked Question
How can I refer a customer?
After registration, you will be greeted with a block on the main page offering to "Refer a Customer" to The Honest company. Click on the appropriate button, fill in the details from the form, specifically: the prospective customer's name, phone number, budget, and additional details that will help us correctly identify suitable options.
How do I withdraw my earnings?
Go to the "Finance" page at the bottom of your screen and click on the "Submit Application" button. You will be prompted to choose a convenient payment method. After configuring it, return to the previous page, specify the payout amount, and confirm the action by clicking the "Submit" button.
How can I track the statuses of the customers I've referred?
The main rule of our work is transparency and honesty at every stage.

After you have referred a customer to our company, they will be automatically registered in your structure under the "Clients" tab. Visit the "Structure" page to track the processing status of your customer, your earnings, and other information.

Your tool for earning in the Dubai real estate market without any investment
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Bring in clients and partners and receive a steady income